Kayak Camps/multi-day cinics

I am looking for a warm weather camp or clinic (Fla? Mex?) to develop technique, especially a roll, and get in some long paddles this winter. Any suggestions?

How about Baja on the Sea of Cortez. There are a few outfitters, but I would consider Sea Trek (http://www.seatrekbaja.com/) as one to especially look at, as they bought a small fleet of high end Necky boats a year or two ago. The trip I took with them was all singles and more advanced than the one I took with Mar y Adventuras (http://www.kayakbaja.com/), who focused more on putting people in doubles. Both were great trips, and truthfully, it would be hard to go wrong with any of the major outfitters.

You can see my write ups on the trips at:


Try Florida Bay Outfitters in Key largo
and talk to Frank.

They usually have a couple of roll clinics each winter and he should be able to set you up with some long trips.



Sweetwater Symposium, rolling
For learning a roll, many find it easiest to start in a heated pool. Is anyone around you doing pool sessions over the winter?

For warmer weather clinics, look at the Sweetwater Symposium Feb 26-28. Caution on temps though - for really wet work like rolling, word I have is that the water is still likely to be cold enough that you’ll want a wetsuit and dry top or dry suit. (You can probably rent something if you don’t have this stuff.) Also a hood, but that’s worth picking up anyway and doesn’t cost much.

A little different…

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but worth looking into, a 2 week NOLS 23 and over trip. I did one a few years ago, had a blast, camping out and paddling in Baja. Go to work on skills, fished a fair amount, learned the basics of skin diving, how to pack a kayak well, how to set up a tarp well, backcountry cooking.


I'd definitely just save the rolling for a pool though...

A lot of guys learn to
roll at an indoor pool during the winter months.

I here Australia is nice in winter (their summer).


your location…
Hi Ridley …whereabouts are you…maybe someone can suggest a place near you that has indoor pool sessions that might suit you for now.

Thought Sweetwater was out of business?
Also, when I googled Sweetwater Kayak, I got a message saying the site may contain malware.

anybody know what’s going on with them?

They have reopened the store. Nearby but on the water. I have been to their site but don’t know about the attack thing, I got it too tonight.

Kayak Camps with Ben Lawry and

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John Carmody.

I would recommend one of these kayak camps:

In checking their upcoming schedule I see they have three 'warm' water camps coming up (Baja, SC and GA).

I participated in a sea kayaking camp that Ben and John ran on the coast of Rhode Island last October. I can't say enough good things about it. Top coaches, great venues.

pool sessions near NYC?
thanks for all the good advice. i am in nyc and wonder if anyone knows of pool sessions for rolling near me


pools in NYC
Riverside Park pool, Saturady and Sunday afternoon 4-6.

Not sure it’s for rolling. It’s geared towards teaching beginer on paddling technique (and probably rescue). It’s a new program so I’m not sure about the extent.

AMC NY/NJ chapter also has a pool program in Jersey City. I think you need to be a member though.

Therer’re others programs too if you’re willing to travel a bit further afield…

How about Baja?
Especially if you get a class taught by Ginni Callahan.


Try Contacting Adirondack Exposure
Ask to speak with Scott.

Rebecca and I have paddled with them on group and private trips in Florida, North Carolina, New York and Canada.

Highly recommended!



kayak polo
NY Kayak Polo has pool sessions that are for polo but include a bit of rolling practice before hand. They are working out their winter pool session now. If you don’t mind abuse from crazy, testosterone-laden boys, it’s a great way to play and practice your skills.

I hear they’re trying to form a less competitive group to actually teach new players in a less stressful way. Here’s hoping, and the link to find more information.



Lawry is one of the best
Attended some of his classes in Charleston back in April. Great instructor.