kayak/canoe hybird

Hey, I am a newbe. Have rented a kayak and canoe a few times. Interested in a tandem hybird. Looking for anyone with advise/experience with, a Old Town Caneo- Ambush, a Native Watercraft ultimate 14.5, or a Gheenoe? All can be used with a small electric motor and are fairly light weight. Will use in Fl. and Illinois on lakes and rivers (mostly slow moving), may use in ocean. Will use for fishing and site seeing/recreation. Thanks for any help.

good luck
that’s a tough fit.

old town loon 160 in kevlar with a rudder?

If you are looking for hybirds
Try this


Well, I have an Ultimate 12 and love it. The stability is great; it moves through the water well; and it gets me into some nice places to fish because it is so light and I can run into very shallow areas. Just my $.02.

Cleep in windy and very cold Kansas

Native Ultimate 14.5
Is my choice when I need a boat to take the dog. I’ve paddled the solo and the tandem as a solo. I’d get the tandem for flexibility.

Canoes and kayaks are a little different.

I would figure out what you want and go for it.

If you want to add a motor scratch kayaks.

If you want to visit the ocean (open) scratch canoes.

With a kayak a double is a double and a single is a single, (there are exceptions but none work well).

In the rec boat list of things you may hook something that will do what you want; but be careful when you get handy to the ocean.

It is a great sport regardless which way you go.

ultimate owners
Hey, you two who own Ultimates - I was looking on their web site and they say the boats are so stable that you can stand easily without risk of capsize. Did you find this to be true? Have you ever flipped one under any circumstances?

Also, they seem to weigh a good deal less than other plactic boats that size. Do they seem to be sturdily built, or are they kind of flimsy in places? Would they stand up to bumping into rocks or dragging over logs?