Kayak/Canoe Trailer suggestions

Got a new Wrangler 4 door, and we’re looking for a trailer to load the boats on-We had a modified utility trailer previously, and weren’t impressed with it’s performance on the highway, with no suspension, it bounced a lot. Have some friends with a great Yakima Rack N Roll 78 trailer, that we followed at highway speed, and that thing rode and tracked awesome! But at $2000 it was pretty pricy-before I drop that kind of coin, thought I’d see what else is out there.

Looking for a trailer that can carry 3-4 boats, is highway speed rated, and has a suspension that will keep it on the road, and not spend half the trip in the air. What are you all using? Thanks!

I started with a 350$ frame from Tractor supply and built a micro camper/canoe hauler. The suspension (ride) was greatly improved when I took it to the local welding shop and had the tong lengthened to accommodate for the boat hauling.

I will see if I can dig up photos and post them here.


Using a Trailex SUT-350-M2 now

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Search trailer-related archives from this year and you should find a long, detailed post I made about our first kayak trailer (a modified Triton XT snowmobile trailer that we used for 10+ yrs) and our new one, the Trailex.

The SUT-350-M2 cost a little under $1600, including shipping (which was about $230 alone). Price included spare tire and carrier, plus Bearing Buddies. Payload is 350 lbs. It ships direct from the factory, unless you live someplace where a shop has one on the floor. You assemble the trailer, an easy job. It ends up being 18'3" long, if I remember correctly.

The M2 rides quietly and smoothly with one or two sea kayaks on it. It's rated to take up to 4 sea kayaks, but I don't know how it behaves then.

Seventeen-footers on it leave good jackknifing clearance while overhanging the taillights only a short distance. If you have short kayaks, the shorter SUT-250-M2 might be a good choice (payload of 250 lbs, or comparable to the Yakima trailer).

Below is ONE of the trailer threads you'll find if you search on "SUT-350-M2" within Paddling.net



Had it for over ten years now…It tows wonderfully.

A friend has had the Long Ranger for nigh on twenty years.

It also does not jump off potholed logging roads. It makes a three thousand mile trip about once a year.

Seems like I see a ton of used trailers on Craigslist. Especially in areas where people boat a lot. I have a osage. It works fine, but I just tow local. Good luck.

Ryan L.

I like the looks of those.

trailer photo

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Attempting to ad a photo

Not the best photo but the best I can find for now.