Kayak/Canoe Trailers

I’m Looking into making or modifying a trailer for two kayaks and one or two canoes. Would anyone have any suggestions on this, or any pictures that could give me some ideas? Thanks!

I’m also doing the same thing.
I already have a small 4’x6’ $300 trailer , bought an extension to extend the tongue length.

Now I’m trying to figure the best way to build the “T” shaped supports. Welding shop don’t seem to willing, they are too busy.

But it should work, It won’t have alot of weight on it, and the 4’x6’ gives me a place for strap lightweight gear.

I need mine to haul, a canoe, or a row boat, or 4 kayaks. And remove the extension and use it for bikes. It should work well, but still figuring out the details.

Canoe Club Trailer…

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My Canoe Club has a club trailer that has an equipment box permanently mounted on the trailer floor, for PFD's, paddles, etc.....(Also Handy for keeping firewood dry on trips to group club functions)....Simple Inch and a half Steel Square tubing welded into multiple T's, set down the middle of the trailer and then welded together front to back...

If it was me, I'd make the rack removable so the trailer could be used for other than hauling boats....

Here are some ideas
I use a 4x8’ Utility trailer. http://community.webshots.com/album/75339788oTcAIx

Nice set up.
I am contemplating doing this with my spare boat trailor. I like your rig. Thanks for sharing the pics.

You can use Uni-strut
It’s a u-shaped channel available at electrical supply houses. There are several options for T and L brackets channel with/without holes etc.

I made removable T brackets on mine but I did my own welding. To find some one to do it sheck small shops,welders who work from their home or sometimes high schools and trade schools are looking for projects. If you can do your own cutting and layout it’s much cheaper.

Good Luck


Is there any d.o.t. issues with what you have overhanging the back of the trailer?

They say anything over 4 feet past the tailgate needs a red flag,is it the same on a trailer or are there other rules to confuse us.

Just wondering because I use my utility trailer avery now and then and I would like to build something better.



Same idea for trailer, though
probably varies from state to state. After dark you may need a light, not just a flag.

Thing that makes me nervous about the utility trailer setup is how much boat is overhanging the rear cradle, and how bumpy the ride of such trailers usually is. Some cushioning (and there indeed is some in that setup) is bound to be quite important to avoid stressing the hull too much.


4’ or less
The companies that make these trailers, Let them hang back a ways also, So do regular boat trailers the motors stick back alot farther then the lights.

But I will probably try to get more lights on my trailer, on the “t’s”

Strut systems

Several brands are on the market, and I have seen components in Lowes as well.

Very adaptable, and good for experimenting too.


Former sunfish trailer…

A talented friend of mine made the modification to this sunfish sailboat trailer… he welded the bars and uprights had them galvanized and bolted them to the trailer. I’m loving it. Let me know if you have any questions…

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general rules
Under basic general rule as long as it is less than 8’6" wide, and you flag anything hanging past the back you are usually okay. DON"T BLOCK THE LIGHTS!! That is one major thing that will get you pulled over. You can bend rules as long as the main ones don’t get get you pulled over (I worked for years at a company that wsa GREAT at bending laws…I learned alot). if you just keep it narrow, and flag anything you think is questionable, then you won’t get opulled over. If you do get pulled over, it usually doesn’t lead to anything more than a “how-to” lecture by the officer.


about your “T” rack
If you can’t find a welder, or are not able to weld yourself, then you could try other ideas that can be changed, until you you get it right. TV antena tower is GREAT for trailers. An old co-worker used it for his trailer’s frame!! strong and light held his dune buggy.

You could use the triangle tower to support the arms. You can just U-bolt the arms to the tower. Then you can change size and length.

Well anyways, put up some pictures f what you come up with.


veggieannie (god what a name)
you put in the wrong link. We cannot see them.

Tsunamichuck web-pics
In another post about roof-rack capacities, Chuck posted a pic of 4 boats on a Nissan but what I found to be cool and inspiring was another pic he has of a canoe trailor his friend owns. Here is a link to that pic (if you don’t mind Chuck):


Really cool setup. This is what I have been trying to envision for my spare boat trailor. Thanks Chuck!