Kayak /Canoe transport Coop?

Anyone interested in forming a kayak/canoe transport coop? Many of us have a need at times to transport kayaks were selling or buying to locations around the country. What if us p-netters form a news group where we can post transportation needs or when we are driving to different locations and are available to transport kayaks. The shippers could pay small fee’s to help with our expenses. If you have an interest of imput let’s here from you.

Why not just post your needs here
when you need them?

I for one will transport a canoe or kayak any time I am traveling for no charge.

I would think with the amount of people on P-net that you could almost anytime get a boat relayed from one place to another.

I am talking the states and Canada of course.

Both my vehicles are rigged to carry up to four boats at a time and I’ll bet there are a lot of others that are similar.

Put a post on a week or two before you need it.

On the other hand if someone is charging someone else transportation I don’t want any part of it.



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