Kayak car rack advice

Hi all!
I just recently got a new 2021 Ford bronco sport and I’m trying to find a good roof rack crossbar to fit it. Does anyone have any advice on a roof rack for this car? There aren’t a whole lot of options that I can find but maybe someone on here has some ideas?
Thanks so much!

Looking at the online fit guides Thule has rack systems for this vehicle but Yakima does not. There are several options for crossbars (standard square vs aero) and dozens of options for how you carry your boats on top of the racks. Do you know if you have a Thule dealer nearby?

If not check with rackattack.com.

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I’ve often used Rackattack. Never a problem.

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If you haven’t yet, check if there are OEM cross rails as well. I assumed they’d be way more, but I have a 3 year old SUV that’s not very common, and when I looked last year it turned out that the OEM cross rails were half the cost of the Thule or Yakima ones that fit my vehicle. And according to the dealership, they’re made by Thule, even though they’re not branded as that.

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Looked at a Bronco Sport myself last week. The Yakima Timberline system and other brands with systems for raised siderails will work fine.

Yakima’s doing some photo promo with the new Broncos, so it’s likely that Ford will be selling Y systems through their dealers, but if it’s like how that usually goes, they’ll be 10-20% more expensive than just buying it from a Yakima dealer.

I don’t think I have a Thule dealer near me but there’s lots of outdoor stores around me that sell Thule. I have two Thule J racks too. Although the Thule crossbars that would fit my car are kinda pricey. There’s one that I found for like $95 but I’m not sure if it’s a good brand or not, and I need to make sure it’s sturdy enough for 2 ten foot kayaks. I’ll link it down below and let me know if you’ve heard anything about this brand/site! Thanks so much!

Oh wow that’s amazing! I’ll check out their site. I found another site that looks pretty good but I probs need to do some more research. I’ll have two ten foot kayaks on the car so I’ll need to make sure that the crossbar can handle that. I’ll link the one I found and let me know if you know of this brand/thinks it looks legit. Thanks so much!