Kayak care

Just bought my first used sea kayak. Is there anything I need to do to take care of it? It is plastic and I don’t know if I need to put anything on it for protection. Also do I need to do anything to rudder cables etc? Any help is appreciated.

All you really need to do is wash it after a salt water paddle. And cover it with a tarp if you store it out in the sun. storing it on the side will make it much less likely to develop some oil canning than storing it on the bottom.

Congratulations and 303

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303 will provide UV protection for the rigging and the boat itself.

Storing kayaks
As far as storing goes…I assume heat is very bad for plastic kayaks, but what about cold? Cold as in an unheated garage in a Michigan winter.

Shouldn’t be a problem.
The sun is your boat’s worst enemy.

kayak care
Don’t mean to sound stupid …but what is 303? And thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help.

comes in a squirt bottle. You’ll find it at paddling stores and marine supply stores. Around $16 a quart, it’s sunscreen for plastics and vinyl. I use it on the dashboards of my vehicles as well as on my royalex canoes, plastic dinghy and hypalon inflatable.

Is 303…
a must have? I just got a new boat and would like to keep it maintained. Or is just storing the boat inside and not car topping it for days on end sufficient. This is the first I’ve heard of this product.



If it’s stored indoors 303 for the hull is an un nessesary hassle. It is not a bad idea for the rubber hatches however. If stored out of the sun a plastic kayak will last 15-20 years just fine as long as you don’t drag it around rocks and boat ramps on it’s rear and dont grind the bow into the same concrete ramps and barnacle encrusted rocks too much when landing.