Kayak Carrier For Bare Roof?

I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata with bare roof. Looking to get into kayaking this year and I am limited to carrier options. Looking at 18 inch foam pads with straps. Thoughts? Safe? Secure? With the costs associated with getting into kayaking I’m limited with $'s. Help please!


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What kind of boat? How far would you be going?

Honestly if you're planning to do this often, for a long-term solution I'd get the rack. You can save money by finding used systems on Craigslist. You'll probably have to buy the converter kit specific to your car new, but the other stuff you can get used.

If you think you'll only go a few times every now and then, then perhaps the foam is fine.

Hmmmm reply
I hope to go 2-3 times every couple weeks. I believe I’m buying a jackson Tupelo 12.5. Money is becoming an issue as $'s are adding up with the kayak and accessories. Really down to $80 for carrier at this point


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Trust me, you don't have to explain it to me. I started paddling just under two years ago so that feeling of initial expenses is still quite fresh. The good thing about kayaking as a sport is once you have all your gear, you're good to go. I only recommend the rack because I personally feel like it's easier than dealing with the foam blocks every time. I would at least shop around and see what is available online used to compare prices.

The other reason I would lean toward a real set-up as opposed to blocks is your vehicle. I also drive a small car (2013 Honda Civic) and for my car it was necessary to purchase an extender because otherwise, there's not enough space on the roof between the front straps and the straps. I feel that you'd encounter the same thing on your Sonata. You'll also definitely need a bow and stern line if you weren't already planning on it. Your foam blocks are going to be very close together with a lot of boat hanging off on either end.

pool noodles?
if you have a big cockpit you may be able to use pool noodles That is what I use on all my canoes and I just leave them on all the time.

no problem

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the rig needs 2 bow and 2 stern lines with a line looped around the hull tied to vehicle right and left at two points, one before cockpit coaming and one aft cockpit coaming.

bow and sterns run off in a vee to both sides hood and at rear ? Hood ties descriptions are available at Google Images.

I do not hesitate to drill and mount small 1/8th or 3/16th's SS marine quality eyebolts. Most here are incapable of drilling holes so ?

So tied, the hull will squeak squeak the pads during a severe microburst or roll down the Interstate at 75 mph all day.

Walmart sells very good cord and rope in a black hanger. I used 1/8th cord for the transverse lines to eyebolts and 3/16ths to front n rear vehicle with a 60 pound 18' kayak