Kayak Carrier for Jeep

I have a Jeep wrangler and just purchased a Nastive Ultimate 12 and need to find some sort of rack for my Jeep. I tried the foam pads and wasn’t to impressed. I had to stop five times in 70 miles to make adjustments. Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jasebo

your pick…I have been dealing with these guys for years.You cant go wrong ordering anything offa them.Hope this helps.


jeep kayak carrier

This site appears to be my best bet. I need to contact them for help. Thanks again,


A couple of choices
I have a Wrangler and use the Congo Cage rack. Another option would be the Safari rack in the second link. I like the Congo because I can add a basket to it when I’m not hauling a boat and the soft top can still be lowered. Hardtops allow you to use more traditional racks. Check out the third link (copy and paste entire link)near the bottom of the page.