Kayak carrier for Toyota corolla

I can’t get a rack from the dealer.I tried links from here but can’t get answers to what I need.Anyone know somewhere I can call and buy a nice rack for my 2007.Thanks.

Thule or Yakima
Either of these companies provide racks that while expensive should do exactly what you need. Many local sporting goods, sportman’s, or paddle stores carry one or the other. The whole set up will cost you close to $300. Probably less than your auto dealer and much more solid.


2006 Corolla
I bought a Saris rack for my 2006 Corolla, much less expensive and stronger than the other brands. It was much easier to install too.

I know it’s questionable if Saris is going to continue making roof racks but since the thule rack from my 1996 Corolla would have needed new feet, clips, etc… it was cheaper to go with the Saris.

My way of looking at it was if I’m going to have to replace everything in 10 years regardless of the manufacturer I might as well go with the cheapest, strongest and easiest to install rack.

Go to the websites
Of Yakima and Thule. Type in your car make and model, and what you want to carry. They will tell you exactly what you need.