Kayak Carrier help

My kids are Kayak crazy having used there cousins a couple of times. I am picking up a couple as Xmas presents and now the question becomes how to carry them. I have two vehicles a Chevy Suburban, pull my fishing boat with it and haul the kids and their teams and a Camry commuter vehicle.

The suburban has a cargo rack on it.

What I am wondering is if someone can recommend a carrier system that would permit me to leverage the rack on the suburban and still be useful in hauling the kayaks on the Camry too? I realize a rack may be required for the camry.

I am hopeful that there is a system out there that would work and permit me to use either vehicle for hauling the kayaks depending on which vehicle we are using.


Does the camry have a trailor hitch?
You could get a small utility trailer to pull the kayaks, or if you’re already pulling the boat put them on the top of the suburban or right in the boat itself on the trailor.

rack system + stacker
To be able to safely transport boats on the Camery you will have to get an aftermarket rack for the Camery. However, once you have that you can use a Stacker (Thule and Yakima both make one)that we will interchangeable on both the Camery, with the newly outfitted rack, and the truck with it’s factory rack.

Basic wonderbar kit
From Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak may be a solution for the Camery if you dont want to fit it with a more permanant rack.

I carried my 12’ kayak in a Suburban.
Could only carry 2-3 people when I did it though.I never attempted carrying anything on the Big S. how do you get them up there?

A Camry is a great boat hauler with Yakima racks.

suburban and kayaks
I’m not to worried about getting them up on the Suburban. I’m 6’9" so reach isn’t an issue. My wife will have issue though so that is why I want to get the rack for the Camry. I am encouraged by the potential to share the components from one vehicle to another. We are planning to go to Lac Seul this summer and I may put the Kayaks inside the boat. Under the travel cover and cut cradles out of foam. the boat is 19’ the kayaks are a little better than 10’.

yakima or thule dealer
Go visit any dealer that sells one of the brand name racks, the mounts for the two cars will be different but the basics are the same for both. The cross bars and the saddles can stay, just change the mounts moving from the Surburban to the Camry. These slide off the ends of the cross bars, no biggy.

Bill H.