Kayak Carrier on Ebay

I’m looking to buy a couple of kayaks for recreational use. See my post below about the Kestrel 120 Roto’s.

My vehicle is a 2004 Lexus GX470 with factory roof rack. What do y’all think about the setup in the link below?


Can’t comment on the quality (unbranded?) but you’re going to hate that they’re not collapsible.

That is an awesome deal !
but I would be very leery since the price is so low compared to Yakima, Thule and Malone

Caveat Emptor !

jack L

I think…
that it is not at all clear they will mount on the probably oblong shaped crossbars you have.

More facts and ?
Thanks for the quick input.

I’m a seasoned boater and mountain biker looking for a pair of kayaks. I don’t want to spend a lot on a rack system as I’m “rebounding” after my wife passed away 4 weeks ago.

The kayaks I found are priced well so if I make a mistake I can always resell them. A $400 rack system not so easy.

Any suggestions? Will 2 Kestrel 120’s fit side by side on blocks and straps?

I don’t think so.
We use a set of thule stackers for our Kestrels. I’d say if the racks you mentioned fit your factory crossbars, go for it. Thule stackers may fit if the others don’t. Worth checking into.

Be sure to check the weight your factory rack is rated for.

So sorry about your wife.

Don’t buy on Ebay
I just purchased a traditional bow on Ebay and the seller supposedly sent the item, but it has never arrived. Ebay says they have a buyer protection program but they give you a massive run around. The auction also appeared to be rigged with shil buyers. I would avoid making purchases from them. Buy locally from Craigslist or from Yakima or Thule.

They don’t look entirely sucky in the pictures.

Of course they might be made from recycled aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil would be pretty funny! Being steel I would think they would rust pretty quickly.

I’m leaning more towards a foam block and tie-down setup.

foam blocks
I used to haul two kayaks, 15 and 17 foot, hundreds of highway miles on foam blocks with straps and bow and stern lines. It’s a good way to carry if you do it conscientiously, it’s just a pain and takes a lot of time to do. But it will work fine. I use a Thule rack now, bought the mounts for my factory rack on Ebay for about half the price of new and got the rails at REI with one of the 20% off coupons that they send members all the time. So it probably only cost me $150 to add the rack. I have a set of stackers too, picked up on local Craigslist for $40 but have yet to use them since my narrow boats fit fine, hulls up, side by side.

Craigslist is a good source – lots of people sell cars and end up with a rack that doesn’t fit their new one or that they don’t need. And you can see it in person and not run the Ebay risk. I’ve bought things from Ebay for at least 6 years and only been stiffed twice, for less than $50. Overall I have had good results from it. It is true that Ebay balks at settling claims and they charge a $25 or more fee for getting you a refund so it is often not worth it to pursue small claims.

I actually bought a set
I’m pretty happy with the set that I just got. You can get them on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pair~-Universal-Kayak-Canoe-Carrier/dp/B00873J0YY/ref=pd_sim_sbs_auto_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=165Q1FPKDXDZGTBE7Y6S

They seem to be pretty well made. You have to put them together but I had no problem with the bolts other than being a tight fit. I went to REI and got different straps than the ones supplied with the kit since those are kind of flimsy.

Their pricing is kind of strange. You can buy 2 pair for 32.66, 3 pair for 79.25, or 4 pair for 99.45. If I wanted 4 pair why not just buy 2 sets of 2 pair. Oh well, they’re definitely cheaper than Yakima or Thule.