Kayak Carrier Service FL to MA

Wondering if anyone knows of a kayak shipping company to get a Kayak from Florida up to the New England area. I could even do to Virginia Beach, or Maryland area as well.

Thanks in Advance,


Shipping a Kayak
Find a kayak,canoe shop that has experience shipping boats and get them to do it for you. They will know how to prepare it for shipplng. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

K.A.S. Transport
Call Steve, I’ve got 2 numbers, not sure if they are current. 315-538-9652 and 505-313-9467. Steve has a dedicated canoe/kayak transport biz out of New york and I’ve shipped 3 kayaks through him, without packing and all arrived perfect. I believe he delivers for Kayakpro and Seda also.

Problem is…
I’m the buyer in Mass…Kayak is coming out of Fl. I think his local shop down there doesn’t get involved with shipping anymore

I’ll try those numbers and see if he can help me.

KAS trans,
will be down in the Florida area the first couple days of August and then heading up north, so get ahold of them soon if you want to take advantage of that, after that they may head to the west coast again.


My boat came by KAS. On time to the
minute,in perfect condition.