Kayak Carrier

I’m still new here, so please forgive me if this shouldn’t be asked here.

I have a 2009 4 Door Ford Focus (NOT hatchback), and I am wanting to get a kayak rack for it. It has no rack as of right now so I would need to get a complete kit.

I’ve been researching and found Yakima racks, but am confused as to what all I would need, and if there are any other cheaper good brands that anyone could recommend.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, and hope to see ya’ll sometime on the water. :slight_smile:

thule or yakima
You will likely need:

crossbars (2)

Feet or towers to attach bar to car (2 per bar)

Fit kit, that makes the generic feet or towers specific to your model car (2 per bar)

If it were me I’d do it once and get either brand, and be done worrying. You have a very popular car, so my first stop would be to find the parts numbers on the manufacturers’ websites, and then shop Ebay or Craigslist for the parts used at a discount. That is how I put my rack together. In my case I had to buy the fit kit new but got the feet/towers and crossbars used at discount.

Personally I don’t use any rack attachments for my car, I just have foam blocks on the crossbars. That is how some vendors ship boats so it’s good enough for me.

Good luck!

second the suggestion above
I’ve gotten all of my Thule roof racks and accessories for carrying kayaks on several different cars by determining which parts fit my vehicle (Thule has all that on their site) and then finding used components on Craigslist and Ebay. So many people have to buy new racks when they buy a new car that it is not unusual to be able to find all you need in good shape. I have never bought parts that were not usable and in good condition, maybe I have just been lucky. Thule seems to be more common than Yakima at least in my part of the country. Both are good companies, basic difference is round bars for Yakima and square for Thule. I know people who prefer Yakima, I just happen to be most familiar with Thule.

I have a whispbar S15 rack (considered the best rack out there and very quiet) and a Yakima round bar rack for sale if you’re interested. You’d likely need to purchase a fit kit to make them work on your vehicle.

Yakima Q Towers

– Last Updated: May-20-16 11:54 AM EST –

Being new to kayaking this year and having a Hyundai Sonata I needed a carrier and researched for ever, from foam blocks to the Yakima Q Towers. See Yakima site for the right one: https://www.yakima.com/q-towers

This worked great an as advertised. I recommend it. Now, I got a great deal at: http://www.orsracksdirect.com

Good luck. And I recommend a wind faring to cut down and eliminate most noise. Well worth it