Kayak cart and 8” hatches

Anyone know of a small kayak cart that will break down and fit through an 8” round hatch? Most of the cheapo carts on Amazon including the one I currently own use 9” diameter wheels. I’m looking at possibly picking up a Rockpool, but the small 8” hatches they use have me confounded in terms of cart options. Any help is much appreciated.

Maybe look around and see if you can find smaller wheels to fit your cart.


They have several compact plus something specific to a Rockpool

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Been scouring Amazon for kayak cart wheels. It seems as though 9” is the standard mass produced wheels for kayak carts.

Thanks for the link to the Rockpool specific cart. However, based on the description of using 8” wheels and the attached picture in the description, I’m not sure that the wheels are stowable. I hope I’m wrong. Either way, I will make an inquiry and find out. Thanks again for the link!

I have the Seattle Sports Peanut end cart and it stows in pretty tight spaces. The wheels are just a hair under 8" and the cart (with wheels removed) folds into a long skinny thing. My favorite kayak has a ~8.5 x 13 hatch and this cart fits comfortably through that.

I specifically bought it because it would fit into most any hatch and it was cheap.

Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out.

I thought that looked familiar, I made an inquiry about wheel diameter several days ago and someone replied that they were 9”.

Well, there is apparently more than one generation. When I inquired about replacement wheel retaining pins, they asked what generation and I had no clue. I bought mine in Spring of 2020, so it’s possible that they have a new generation with a larger wheel. I just went out in the garage and measured the wheel.

Well, I emailed KCS. Unfortunately with Brexit, their suppler has not been able to source wheels that fit through the 8” Rockpool hatch. The set of wheels they just got in don’t fit. So it’s back to the drawing board. :pensive:

Always thought their products looked well thought-out and produced.

You could see if you can find a 6 or 7 inch lawn mower wheel (Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply sell them). Most seem to be made for a half inch shaft, but if there’s enough plastic you could perhaps drill it out to fit your cart.

Or…, just cut your own wheels out of plywood. If that seems too narrow, glue or screw two plywood sheets together for more thickness. I actually made wheels like this to fit to one end of a ladder so I could easily roll the ladder under my deck. My “ladder dolly” just used electrical conduit for the shaft.


Specifically says it fits through an 8" hatch. Solid wheels so no flats, but not so great in soft sand or on rough trails.

Thanks for the suggestion. Upon further investigation, it looks like LLBean’s Packaway series of carts are no longer on their website.

The search continues…

Sorry about that.
Try going to canoeing.com, then search “packaway”.

I used your original canoeing.com link. There no option to buy…. Just an “add to wishlist” option. That’s when I went directly to the LLBean site where it is no longer listed.

I bought a c-tug, all components break down and fit in the newly installed round bow hatch, haven’t tried the wheels. they’re solid so put them in the rear hatch, (oval). I just checked an online advert for c tug, it says all components fit in a 10inch hatch so obviously the wheels are too big. What about solid golf buggy wheels or similar, I just did an eBay search (Australia) for 7inch wheels and they are available also 8inch