Kayak cart as gear hauler?

Anyone ever use your kayak cart to haul camping gear to a campsite?

I have a C-Tug. I’m thinking of putting a plastic sled on it, packing everything in backpacks, and lashing the sled to the C-Tug.

In this specific case it would be easier to haul the gear overland than by kayak. The trail is relatively flat.

No reason not to
The adjustable platform pieces are sticky and the cart itself is heavy-duty.

Making two trips (one for transporting the kayak, one for the gear) would also put less stress on the out-of-water kayak.

If there’s not much gear, I’d be inclined to stuff the drybags into a large rucksack like what Kayak Academy makes and sells, and just make one portage trip. Kayak on the C-Tug and rucksack on my back.

Sort of works
I just tried out the plastic sled on the C-Tug with a 55-liter backpack on it. It’s a bit hard to balance the C-Tug, but it basically worked.

If I had more time I would make a rectangular frame for the C-Tug and a waist-belt harness to pull it, like backpackers do in the winter with a sled.

you have me curious, i have the Wheeleez
and a plastic sled, i am going try this out. My 3yr.old grandson will think it’s grand fun. great idea though. I packed my 60lb. kayak full of gear and it was a breeze to pull along with the wheeleez.

Follow up
I tried this on the trail and it didn’t work. Things were unbalanced and falling off. But I’m not giving up. I will try to design some type of frame that can be attached to the cart with butterfly nuts.

There are campsites where you have to walk in some distance from your car. That’s what I want this for.

That is a good thought.
I carry my loose gear in a cheap folding duffle thatfolds into a pocket but some stuff…

Why not use the cart for double duty!

All you beed to do is figure out how to tie it to the cart.

Oh yeh, i smell a weekend project!

Oh yeh, i smell a weekend project!