kayak cart building

any one know of any kayak cart plans I could find on the web to build a hand cart for a kayak

I have one
It’s on my website at http://webpages.charter.net/wsmith16/cart.html

The smaller the wheels you use, the closer together they can be set. I like the big wheels myself, because it’s easier to roll over uneven terrain, which is where I’m most likely to use a cart.


Anybody ever used bike tires?
I was thinking about making one using cheap BMX sized bike wheels with nice wide and floaty tires. This would obviously be a cart I’m not going to even try to fit in my yak, but rather for a regular route over sand. Stored in garage and locked to a tree or boardwalk where I launch. Don’t know if there are any drawback though.

PVC cart
sheb, I built a cart out of PVC that collapses and stows inside a hatch. While I don’t have plans for it, you can probably figure it out from the photos.


There is also additional info about this cart here:


If you have any questions, e-mail me at contact@westcoastpaddler.com and I’ll pass on any further details that you might need.