Kayak cart DIY

I made a kayak cart that works great for me. it is simple to make, lightweight, can be tied to the keel in few minutes and stored in the cockpit when paddling… what do you think about it? Is there any improvement I forgot to add?

Version 2.0: kayak cart DIY 2.0 - YouTube
Version 1.0: kayak cart DIY - YouTube

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Tires probably don’t work in soft ground.

Well done. Looks like an easy build and usable on most surfaces other than sand.

Yes, on the soft sand the tyres are not the best but on the sea shore where the sand is more hard, on dirt, concrete, gravel and grass they are great!


You could replace the axle with a longer one that can accommodate a second set of wheels on either side (like what you see on large trucks) and you’ll be able traverse soft ground easier.

I can’t tell from the video if you’ve already done this, but if you thread the ends of the axle with a die, you can put a wingnut on there so the wheel comes off easily for storage or servicing, or switching between wheel 1 or 2 wheels per side. Or drill a hole for a hitch pin or cotter pin.

a longer axle with a second set of wheel is a good idea but can’t be stored in the cockpit of the kayak.
I put a threaded hole at the ends of the axle and use two washers and two 6mm bolt to keep the wheel in position.

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