Kayak Cart for Dagger Stratos 14.5L Rear Hatch?

I owned a Tsunami 175 and Etain 17-7 that allowed me to put a disassembled Sea Tug cart into the rear hatch.

Came in handy twice:

(1) when a wind storm and ebb tide stopped us dead in the water, and

(2) to portage 2 miles to connect a big loop, out one slough and back up another.

Looking at purchasing the Dagger Stratos 14.5L, does anyone have experience with fitting an NRS Yak Yak, Malone, or similar cart into the rear hatch?

I believe the Sea Tug is too big for the Stratos 14.5L, but I could be wrong.

I have no experience with that Kayak, but recently saw this folding cart and, while it is expensive, and probably a pain to get into the US, it looks like a very good, compact design:

(6) NORTHSEAKAYAK - EasyMarcs kayak cart review - YouTube

I have a Stratos 14.5s. The rear hatch on the Stratos is pretty big. The majority of the kayak carts that disassembles should fit in, including the Sea Tug cart.


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Thanks, Greg. Amazingly compact cart, but as you suggest, the Atlantic is wide for supply chains as well as boats. I’ll add it to the list, though.

I love the NorthSeaKayak videos for the real world product demos.

Dimitri’s awesome paddles (Belgium to England solo!), and the club’s training paddles in Croatia are fun to watch.

Thanks, Sing. I’ll take my C Tug and give it a try at a friend’s house.

The C Tug is built tough, had mine for 5+ years, 125+ trips, 65# boat, going strong.

Once portaged 2 full size sea kayaks with it almost 2 miles, one on top of the other, trussed together with 50 feet of tow line.


Second what Sing said - the back hatch s pretty big. A cart that would fit inside your other boats should fit just fine in the Stratos.

Indeed the C-Tug does fit in the rear hatch of a Dagger Stratos 14.5L, just verified it today.

Here’s 3 boats confirmed that can carry the C-Tug in the rear hatch disassembled, in order of increasing roominess:

  • Dagger Stratos 14.5L (rotomolded) - significant volume remaining, enough for at least one 5 liter dry bag, maybe more

  • Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 (rotomolded) - some volume remaining

  • Valley Etain 17-7 (rotomolded) - C-Tug cart fills most of the volume