Kayak cart for tandem 22' 100 lb plus yak recommendations? Malone Rover wheels vs. Wheeleez cart?

Was looking at Malone with big fat gray tires. Any other suggestions for my 22’ X 32" Libra XT? Thanks!

https://www.wheeleez.com/kayak-cart-beach. Do the frames break down put in kayak! I have earlier c-tug but wheels are small for big kayak in soft sand. Figure with some gear I could be 120lb or more. Anyone use the rail kit?


I use the mini version of the Wheeleez beach cart. https://www.wheeleez.com/kayak-cart-mini (was on sale for $90).

My kayak weighs 47#, maybe another 10+# once it’s loaded. Works great in soft sand, over cement, landscaping timbers, and yes, it breaks down and I can easily fit the frame and wheels in my stern hatch.

The tires are soft and the instructions give several warnings about not overinflating them.


I was looking at Malone with Rover wheels 8" x 10" solid rated for 200 lb. Any feed back on this cart? Wheeleez has 12" high wheels 7" wide neumatic … Thanks.