Kayak cart recommendation?

Would appreciate recommendation for kayak cart. Need to transport kayaks (about 14’ long, less than 45 pounds) about 300 feet across pavement from storage shed to put-in. Want something simple to use that will hold up to harsh (rust potential) climate, as cart will be stored in outdoor shed in Florida between ocean and Intracoastal. Have looked at REI, LL Bean and Amazon, but not sure what might be best. Thanks much.

C-Tug kayak cart from New Zealand. No metal to rust. Breaks down in seconds to fit in hatch.

If you don’t need to stow the cart in your boat while paddling, this one’s my favorite:


If the Suspenz cart is too large and you go with something smaller, like a Wheeleez kart, get a can of Boeshield T-9 and spray it on the metal parts. https://boeshield.com/

I also recommend the C-Tug. If it’s important that the kayak fit in a kayak hatch, you must ensure that it does, in fact, fit. For example, my C-Tug wheels fit in some kayak hatches, but not in others.


I just wanted to mention that you might check craigslist in your area because there may be something that works for you available at a fraction of the cost of a new cart. Since I bought my canoe cart I’ve seen several just like it for $25 or less and the older ones may actually be of better quality.

I have a
Wheeleze ( I think that is how it is spelled) We use it in the Florida Keys for the six winter months almost daily. It has foam in the tires, so there is no worry about keeping air in them.
I either carry two sea kayaks on it, or two paddleboards, or a canoe .
We originally bought it to carry a 23 foot long 100 pound tandem kayak.
All the parts are either aluminum or stainless so there is nothing to rust up. The wheels are quick off with just a retainer ring, and it folds up.
You said you wanted it for on pavement, and that is what I use it on. From the abode to the boat ramp
If it every went missing, I would replace it with the same.

WheelEEZ website is interesting. Factory seconds available at greatly reduced prices. Thanks Jack!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Ended up with the C-Tug. Used it earlier this week, and it worked great.

I was initially concerned about the C-Tug being plastic and breakable. I’ve had it for several years, use it frequently, and have had no problem.

I have a C-Tug as well. 3 years old, no issues. I did upgrade the wheels to the Sandtrakz option, which makes my 52 lb CD easier to pull on sandy beaches. Also, IIRC, the Sandtrakz are less noisy on pavement…

Public service announcement: if you see a deal too good to be true, it likely isn’t. There’s a site “prcedo” listing the c-tug cart for less than half list price. Every review of the site says it’s a scam site that’s just going to take your credit card number and use it for fraudulent transactions and not ship anything.