kayak cart suggestion

Here’s a question for you. Is the distance between scupper holes on different brands of kayaks the same? In other words, would the distance between scupper holes on a Hobie be the same as the distance on a Wilderness Systems?

I’m interested in a kayak cart. It’s a Hobie brand. It’s the kind that has two posts that go up into the scupper holes. This looks to me to be a great type of cart for moving a kayak. But if the distance is not the same it obviously won’t work. Seller said he’d have to measure the distance and hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I won’t pursue the issue with him if there’s no chance the cart will work with my kayak.

A lot of them are adjustable…for example

But you are limited to SOTs.

If you’re buying used…all bets are off.

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Nothing is standardized in the paddling industry.

If you read the Q&A in the reviews below one of them says it works only on Hobies.

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The scupper holes are the weakest part of a SOT kayak. Using a cart going thru the holes is not advised. Recommend the C Tug cart


The one I got from Bass Pro Shops is adjustable.

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Love my C Tugs. Added the larger wheels for sand use.

One benefit of the C Tug is that it collapses easily and will store in a hatch…

But I just leave my Tugs on the beach and would have preferred the same cart with fat pneumatic tires for my specific use – 10 minutes on asphalt, 3 minutes on gravel drive, 45 seconds on sand (or 10 seconds, with higher water level this year).

I suppose as I venture further afield (awater?) I’ll end up stashing the Tug in the kayak and will appreciate that flexibility…

OK Thanks for the reply...