Kayak cart, wheels fit in hatches?

I’ve read past archives but these wheeling device brands and models come and go over time. Can anyone suggest a small cart that easily comes apart and the wheels will fit in Valley sized hatches on 16 foot boats? I assume the designs that go under the middle of the boat lighten the load but are harder to place the boat on, versus the end mounts.

Paddleboy cart
Folds up, floats and fit’s into a hatch.



end mount
I assume that the end mount like this places all of the weight on the end you are holding so for longer portages is not the way to go?

If the carts on the very stern, and you’re holding the bow toggle you’ll carry about half the weight of the boat. But that paddleboy cart has an inside width of 17 inches. On a sea kayak that should get you a good 5 or 6 feet from the stern, so the wheels will take 2/3 of the weight if you’re holding the bow toggle.

Eckla 260
Center Mount, pneumatic tires, doesn’t have a straight axle so it snakes it’s way into low volume kayaks when the wheels are detached.

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Rolleez or Primex
The low ones with the 8" black pneumatic tires come apart and fit in the Valley hatches. They sell under a number of brand names, the only ones I can remember right now are Rolleez and Primex, but there are 3 or 4 brands that are very similar. They can be strapped to the middle, or better, about 1/3rd from the end of a 16’ boat.

(The Rolleez carts with the large beach wheels will NOT fit in the hacthes, even though they are fantastic for moving a boat over soft sand.)

Check out the stowaway cart by LL Bean
I have one of these little carts and I love it. It works just as well on my wood canvas canoes too. Wheels detach and it fits in the little mystic 8" round hatch. They are for the ends of a kayak or canoe so its easy to put on but you hold most of the weight pulling it.Very good quality too.

Yep, it’s a pain to pull long distances
Better than carrying but still a lot of work. I would prefer the mid-mount style, too. Haven’t gotten around to replacing my Paddleboy, though.

Wheeleez kayak cart mini

Works well. Fits in Valley hatches, has pneumatic tires that work well in sand. I have one and use it a lot when transporting across beaches - quick disassembly at the water, pop in the hatch, and launch.

not IMO
…not any more than paddling the boat, at least.

I use one to walk my boat down a hill and three blocks to a launch. And back up the hill again.

Kari-Tek trolley
We carry the Kari-Tek trolley and although the model we have in stock doesn’t fit in a hatch, it’s designed to go with you – it collapses down into it’s own bag that then straps to the rear deck.

Here’s a small photo of the bag on a back deck: http://www.kari-tek.co.uk/images/Trolley/trolley003.jpg

Just another option to consider. More details here:


Good luck with the search!


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Kayak Cart
Best cart I have ever used is the one made by Freya Hoffmeister. I looked on her web site for a link but can’t find one. Maybe she is not making them anymore. If you can find one they are great. They fold down to almost nothing and are sturdy. A very unique design. Are expensive but well worth it. Her website address is: http://qajaqunderground.com/. You might want to e-mail her and ask her if she is still making them.

Quantum Kayak Cart
Quantum Kayak Cart – have it, love it.

See eBay and search this name. About $90 bucks new.

Here’s at REI. http://www.rei.com/product/738003

Rutabaga page has many