kayak cart with swivel?

OK, here’s a weird question: does anyone know where I could get a kayak cart with a swivel between the kayak and the wheels?

Here’s why:

I have a Hobie Outback (62 lbs) and live 0.7 miles from the water. My current solution for getting the boat down and back is with the Hobie wheels on the back and a generic kayak cart strapped on in the front, thus providing 4 wheels and avoiding the need to lift as well as pull.

The issue:

The front kayak cart is hard to center such that the kayak rolls in a straight line. Also, the road curves in several places, making even a straight line sub-optimal.

If the front wheels could swivel (like the way they work in a little red wagon), then the kayak would roll in whatever direction I pulled it, which would make the process smoother and more pleasant.

Any ideas?

Should I just scrap the wheels and get a little red wagon and put the kayak on it?



Red wagon
or some sort of garden cart sounds like the easiest solution for you situation.

Try center-mount
If the cart is under the center of the boat, then you don’t have to lift, but it still maneuvers. I think a Bean cart would work, unless those Hobie penguin flippers get in the way.


Second on the Center Mount
Makes it much easier to carry. The only downside (there always is) is that these aren’t small and its hard to take them with you.

how about a caster-type wheel in front?

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Thanks, those are good suggestions.

I was thinking about this some more, and realized that a cart with caster-type wheels would work, too.

I wonder if they make something like that? I'm going to hunt around with Google a bit...

Thanks again,


P.S. The flippers come out, so that's not a problem.

I bought a moving dolly from the Home
Despot. It has four casters and carpeted ends for about $20. I often keep my kayak on it so i can easily roll it under †he sailboat when they are in the garage. We are getting carpet tomorrow so the dollie is in the kitchen with the piano on it. The kayak is in the station wagon so I can paddle at lunch time.

You could strap the yak to a dolly like mine, and pull it by a line tied to the bow.

Now we’re cooking with gas!

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That Home Despot Dolly Solution sounds like a winner. Is it light enough, do you think, to strap on and bring with when I hit the water?

I wonder if this one would work? It is only 7 lbs but with a 220-lb capacity:

I think I'd use it on the front and take it off when I reach the grass.

Thanks for the idea!