kayak cart woes (flat tire)

My Seattle sport cart’s got a flat tire. I’ll go in and patch it up, but I suppose someday even that won’t do the trick. Anyone know where/how to get a replacement innertube for a kayak cart?

In a related question, I’ve been eyeing wheeleez kayak carts. The “beach” model and the “mini” model have grey wheels that look like they would deflate over time. But the valve stem on them looks unfamiliar. What pump do you use to inflate a wheelez beech/mini wheel?

Many thanks in advance. I’ll take your answer off the air.

Built my own cart
i built my own cart out of PVC, and used Harbor Freight 13 " tires. They work great and cost only $10 when they are on sale. That is tire and wheel.

Try Tractor Supply
or other Farm and Fleet or other Farmer supply store for small wheels/tires. They may have the exact model Seattle Sports uses. My local one has a whole aisle of small wheels in assorted sizes.

good idea

Replace it with one
of those no-flat tires. More expensive, but it might save you in the long run.

wheelez beech/mini wheel

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There is an outfit from Orlando that sell the Wheelez dirt cheap...Brand new in a box for 65.00 bucks..I have bought three from him in the last three years..(I just sold em along with each Kayak) I have found him on Ebay, put Wheelez in there and he is Camosports/watersports or something like that...Email him, so you dont have to go through the bidding process. He has told me he had over a hundred of them...These are the ones with the smaller blackwheels...And I use my compreesor to fill em....
As a sidenote, I brought mine along when I demo;d a Eddyline Fathom (Skeg, first one I tried) and it wouldnt fit when taken apart, as the skeg housing takes up a bunch of room...!!

Harbor Freight, Northern Tools
Rim and tire, $10.

that comes with
an innertube?

Ace / True Value … surprising whats on
dusty shelves of some of these stores.

May fill with Slime or one of those no flat foams.

great stuff
take out the valve core and spray “Great Stuff” expanding foam into it (with the tube still inside the wheel). The foam expands and will fill the wheel, making it a solid assembly. No need for air ever again.

If that idea fails, get a new one. :slight_smile:

"if that idea fails, get a new one"
first line of defense: bicycle innertube repair kit

Yes, or without. Got mine at Northern

glue patchs…
…and try the glue patches, not the glueless ones. The glue patchs are stronger whereas the glueless patches are typically ‘get you home’ kind of fix, although I have gone on many miles with the Park brand glueless patches, if I’m at home, I will try to use the glue ones.

The glue patches come with a smelly glue tube that you have to buff the hole, put glue down, wait like 5 minutes then press the rubber patch to the hole. It’ll result in a stronger patch at the expense of time.


Cart wheels
I made my own cart and found junk wheels at the local bike shop off of old small kids bikes. I used front wheels off two bikes so there is no sprocket or brake drum to deal with. Cost $0.

Tail drager

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I built a couple of tail draggers (very simple carts). On one I used the Harbor Freight 10" wheels which were on sale for $5 each. Tubes cost more but I always have to check the air. On the other I used golf cart wheels. Very light, wide and no air. Used golf cart from thrift shop $6.

northern tool
sells them cheap. WAY cheaper than kayak shops.

Yes, about $15 cheaper in my neck
of the woods. But support your local paddle shop.

no one has answered the 2nd question
The “beach” model and the “mini” model have grey “balloon” wheels that look like they would deflate over time. But the valve stem on a balloon wheel looks different, unfamiliar to me.

For those of you who have got one, what pump do you use to inflate a Wheelez balloon wheel?



My HUGE compressor…

Look on the side wall of the tire. There will be a size disignation - diaxwidth.

Write down info. Go to bicycle store. Buy new innertube. Install. Use.