kayak cart

What kind of cart should I buy to pull a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 thru the sand?

The one with the biggest tires…

Why not make your own…check it out…
I am about to make the following…looks like fun and sure beats spending 100+ dollars!



And…a source suggested for wheels:




If you just aren’t up to making one…
…If you just aren’t up to making one…, try the Paddle-Boy kayak cart, with the large wide tires for in the sand. I have the “small” Paddleboy kayak cart with the narrow tires,and it does a fine job on grass and hard surfaces. I hated to spend the money for it, but my 17’10" kayak weighs 58 Lb, and it sure beats hurting my back.

… The one I have with the narrow tires, collapses and fits into my stern hatch compartment. If I had to do it over, I would still buy it again.

… Expensive, but so was my kayak. Using it has kept my boat and back paddling all season.

Happy Paddling!!

Tim built one for ours
he used some 1 inch square metal and welded it. I’ll take a picture of it and post it for you to see. It’s very simple but it worked great. We used it in the sand in Tahoe without much of a problem. Bigger wheels would have been a bit better though.


Rolleze is good too
Big fat wheels are the key for rolling over sand.

Seattle Sports
also makes a good model.


thanks for the advice