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I am going to Isle Royale this summer. I have rented Kayaks form Keweenaw Adventure Company. I will be dong some portaging. Yes I know everyone says it is a bit. However I am a backpacker 1st and foremost. the kayak I have rented is a Necky Looksha IV and my son will probly have the Necky Eskia. MY question is this which cart for hualing the kayak would you all recommend and where would I get it?
ps I have Hiked the island for the last 5 years so i know what it is like there.

I have a basic Seattle Sports model
which I’m happy with and it’s in the Buyer’s Guide of this site:


I don’t know the terrain of Isle Royale but it works for me on fairly even ground.

Sportman’s Guide
I bought two canoe carts to use for our yaks from Sportsman’s Guide. They work great and were very reasonable.

BTW - The Eskia is a high volume boat. Is your son large enough for it?

I could not find an carts at sportsmans

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but I found a listing for paddleboy on p.net.

I here that my aluminum yedo cart is only good for trails and roads and paths. I hear for root filled areas you beter hafe a stainless steel cart $$$

kayak cart
HI thank you. Do you know if it will fit into the kayak I do not want to tie it on top

sorry about that…

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I guess Sportsman's Guide no longer has them. They were supposedly SG's own. They were very reasonably priced and are very sturdy.

I had a Paddleboy Cart
I had a paddleboy Kayak cart for my last kaak. It was heavy and I needed it to get the kayak to the water and back. I sold it with the kayak as I have not needed one with my new kayak.

The aluminum tubing is strong, and it folds up into a long flat item. I had the one with the more narrow wheels, as I pulled it on hard surfaces like asphalt roads and hard ground. The cart is also available with wider wheels on it for use on sand or soft ground.

I was very happy with it, and would buy another one if I needed a cart.

Happy Paddling!

Some collapse easily for in-boat
storage. Depends on the size of your hatch or storage area. Check the actual websites for product dimensions and measure it against your applicable yak storage area.

Try westcoastpaddler.com they have a PVC cart you could make your self,save money and brakes down to fit inside,a no brainer

things come and go at places like SG

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so keep your powder dry and shoot when your sights are clear.

Not your fault my brother.

I got a new kokatat goretex drysuit for 375 and another one for 425 that I sent back at sierra trading. It's not my fault we will never see that again. Dealing with those outfits you just grab it when it's near.