kayak cart

I’m looking for a kayak cart that will fit my Perception Swifty. I tried the basic cart (stern wheels) from REI, but my boat was too broad for it. I would like to stay under $100 and am not handy enough to make my own. Ideally, I would like to stow the cart in the boat. Any recommendations? Thanks.

I have one for mine that will fit my Santee26"wide and the wilderness systems tsunami-$109

Home Made- 26 Dollars
A paddling friend built a simple cart out of PVC and I copied his design. Two wheels with bearings from Harbour Freight, 1 stick of 3/4"PVC, PVC glue and cleaner, A 3’ piece of steel rod and various PVC connector pieces, and 1 stick of pipe insulation from Lowes.

Real easy to build and only takes about an hour and a half. The steel rod will need to be the same diameter as the wheel bushings. The rod goes through the wheel and rests in a 90 degree cap drilled to accept the rod. A piece of garden hose and 2 fender washers keep the wheels separated. The PVC forms a double box with the bottom rung of the bottom box the steel rod. The boat is placed into the top box near its pivot point and the top rung rests on the top of the yak. The middle rung rests on the bottom of the yak. The pipe insulation protects the boat.

I have been using mine for a year now with no problems. I used screws on one side so the whole thing can be taken apart. But I usually just thow it in the back of the car.

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Several people on here have liked this one.


Try Ebay

I bought an all aluminum (new, not used) kayak/canoe cart there for $65.00 plus $20.00 shipping. It has pneumatic wide tires, plastic wheels, a kick stand and is rated to carry 200 pounds. I’m happy with mine and it cost one half of what our local kayak shop wanted for the same cart. Good luck! Franklin

new pricing
The Seattle Sports Kayak Cart wth a kickstand and straps is now under $100, and still the best on the market, imho. It’s available from any number of online sellers, or at any Seattle Sports dealer.