Kayak Cart

Does anyone know what has happened to Hardy products? The website www.hardyproducts.net is not working and the 888 number is stating disconnected. I was interested in ordering a Sea Kayak Caddy.

Can’t beat this one. Works great.


This is a nice cart:


It’s worked well for me.

Molly kayak cart
This cart from LLBean is very similar to Hardy Products’ caddy.

Yedo cart
works great on hard surfaces and pretty good on sand too. Packs down small for in hatch storage. Made in USA.


Never mind
Molly had bad reviews. Forget that.

After seeing a Hardy

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I went home and constructed one myself. Probably had $20 in it.

Performed like a $20 cart too. Bit the bullet and bought a Paddleboy, which I can use with my kayak AND my canoes.


Try this link:


Washburn Stearnwheel cart is similar, and looks like it might overcome some of the Hardy drawbacks.

I have always liked the looks of this “PaddleCart” but have only seen it in pictures. It looks like it is meant to fit under the stern. Is this right or am I looking at the picture incorrectly?

Also, do you have the cart with the dual wheels or single wheels?

Any other comments on how you like it would be appreciated.

I bought the paddlecart (http://www.paddlecart.com/) last month. It works great, but it took me 3 carts before I got one with the holes drilled in the right place. But now I have a working cart, it works great. I have the one with single wheels. I put my kayak on it right in front of the seat. It is very stable and very easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone, and since it is about in the middle of the kayak, you don’t have to heft very much weight from the front handle, and I can actually guide it from the front or back of the kayak. Great product…as long as they get their quality control problems solved!