kayak cart

I moved recently & am now a short walk to the lake. I kept two bicycle tires with the intent of making a cart, to walk my yaks down to the lake. This will be a winter project. I am not bad with tools, but am looking for a simple plan to build a simple cart.

Any suggestions?

bike tire cart
bike wheels have small diameter axles and are designed to be supported on both ends, not cantilevered. so bike wheel carts are a little tricky to design. look at the ‘instep cc100’ kayak carts on ebay. ‘redmond’ on paddling.net posted some of his very cool designs on pnet and i saved the address: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339708CVOdDJ?start=0

Easy with PVC…
I’m made my cart from a couple of plastic wheels (salvaged from a BBQ grill) and some 1" PVC. The wheels are cantilevered and work fine. Your bike wheels probably need an axle all the way across, but that’s no big deal. Just about any cart on the market can be copied using PVC and will be a fraction of the cost. Look around and use your imagination.

If you use PVC
Try to find some Schedule 80. Has a much thicker wall. Much stronger. Make sure that you use glue that’s good for Schedule 80. It’ll say it on the can.