Kayak Cart

I have been looking for some time for a compact, well built kayak cart. I recently ordered a cart from Freya Hoffmeister off her web site. I just received it, and although I have not yet had a chance to give it a “road test” this looks like an excellent cart. The previous cart I had was sturdy, but would not fit in either of my kayak hatches. Freya’s cart collapses down very small and will fit in either hatch. Is also very well put together.

I have no connection to Freya, and don’t receive anything for putting this out. I just thought others might be interested. The cart is not cheap, but so far at least looks like it will be well worth the money!

kayak cart
Used this cart at Bowron on 18’6" canoe, worked great. Most carts are too low and with longer boats the stern will drag in rough terrain. This cart sits higher and you do not have to bend over when pushing or pulling cart. Fast easy attachment to boat and assembly. Best cart I have used.

cart link plz?
hi…can u post the link to Hoffmeister’s cart ? thank u … i’m in the market for one myself

nevermind found the web page NTTF