Kayak Cart

Which is best kayak cart?

Looking at new one by www.websteroutfitters.com vs. one by paddleboy.com


Your shoulder
I’ve not had much luck with the carts. My opinion.

  • Big D

a little more info
Do you want one that fits in a hatch to take with you? Do you need to cover rough ground?

Homemade cart
I made a simple cart by remving back wheels from small tricycle. I secure it with three strong (tight) bungees. Works reasonably well.

This one
Fits more securely than most of the ones out there. But Big D is also right. None of them are great.


I have that one…
…Nice thing about it is that it fits in the back of my kayak, which is handy. It folds flat.

The smaller/cheaper “Peanut” doesn’t fold flat.

ok not great
We sell that one in our shop and its Ok but has problems fitting many of the kayaks we sell. The wheels are hard plastic and it will not work at all on soft sand.

The best cart for performance, and I have sold dozens of different ones, is the full size rolleez strap on. It however is expensive and is to large to take with you on board. You need to be more specific in your question as to the type of yak and what type of surface you need it for. Some are better on hard surface and some work better on soft surface like sand.

hi …i just bought a paddleboy fatboy cart …$160 mistake !!! it does not work well in rough terrain. I tried to use it on a Ultimate 12 tunnel -hull and it kept coming loose in rough terrain …prolly works well in paved parking lots. My learned advice …get a center cart, althought these don’t pack small enuogh sometimes. there doesn’t seem to be any utopian models on the market but NRS makes a U-tug model that comes completely apart and is worth a look.

For the beach…

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..On sand you need something like this:


With "Balloon tires".

This one collapses:


Kayak Cart - C-Tug
I’ve got the C-Tug and it is a neat design that stows away but, from my experience on some extreme portages, the straps need to be upgraded.