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Under the rubric of “Advice, Suggestions and General Help”, if you need a kayak cart, I advise you check out today’s REI “deal of the day” sale. For one day only, they are offering a Seattle Sports kayak cart for $50. A pretty good price. They never go that low. If you need one, I suggest you get one.


(I have no affiliation with REI. Just stop by their web site every morning, and found/passing on a good deal. General help.)

nice deal
I also see similar carts on ebay for $60 free shipping in case you miss this deal

Somthing smaller?
Agree that’s a great deal. But I’m looking for a small, light weight cart that will go thru the smaller 10" rubber hatches of a British style sea kayak. Any advice.

Thanks, Dawn

I just looked at the site and …
was wondering about those Harmony cockpit covers for $20 ?

Does any one have one, and if so have you had it for a few years and can comment on it?

We need two new ones. Ours are so old, they have holes here and there.

Jack L

wheeleez kayak cart mini fits thru hatch
For a cart that will fit into hatches:

I have the wheeleez kayak cart mini and like it.

It comes apart (easily) to fit through standard valley hatches. The tires work well in sand.


Deals on cockpit covers
Last month I searched for a new cockpit cover to replace my worn-out Snapdragon nylon one. I got lucky. The local REI didn’t have one in stock, but they looked it up online and told me I could mail-order it on sale for $6.95 plus shipping, from one of 2 other stores that had it in stock. So I got a $25 cover for something like $9, mailed to my home!

Harmony cover

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I just recently replaced a Harmony cockpit cover that had been on my little rec boat for 9 years of outdoor storage. Still kept the rain and critters out, but the elastic was starting to get really loose. Good product.

edit: Jack, looks like they only have one size (huge). I ended up getting a Seals cover for my little old boat, and I'm very happy with it. Can't remember what I paid---not much.

That “deal of the day” is over
Now it’s back up to it’s regular sale price, $70, not such a good deal.


Freya Hoffmeister
You might try Freya Hoffmeister. She used to manufacture kayak carts that were of a very innovative design and folded down to nothing. They are not cheap, but they are very well made. I’m not sure if she is still making them as I haven’t seen them on her website for some time now. You could try e-mailing her to see if she is still making them. Again, they are an excellent cart and fold up very small.