Kayak Cart

Here’s an idea for a kayak cart using a Malone Sea Wing to hold the boat.


That’s Schedule 80 PVC and the wheels came from an old Harbor Freight garden cart. I like the Schedule 80 stuff 'cuz it has a thicker wall so it’s sturdier.

Nice looking cart and lots of ground
clearance for rough trails. R

Looks good, but…
I’ve a couple of questions. As I can’t see it in three D, maybe I’m missing the obvious. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Why the lower bar, and two extra 'T’s?

How did you attach the axle, and what did you use for it?



this cart used to look different. Remove the Sea Wing and flip the center section over so the extra bar faces up. Then put two “T” pieces with pool noodles over them til it kinda looks like this http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2426763900040906646vRsYwM

That’s what it kinda used to look like (different wheels). Also, now I’ve added a weight to the lower bar which keeps it upright while loading the boat.

The axle was fairly easy, I just drilled holes in the PVC end caps and ran it through. It doesn’t have to turn since there are bearings on the wheels.

Also, the large wheels
roll easier, especially over rough ground. But, they don’t fit in a hatch. Everything’s a trade-off. I don’t need to take a cart with me (generally) on my paddles so this works well. If I need to take one along I can make a smaller one.