kayak cart

Any of you make your own kayak cart. Ive seen a few on eBay that look to be made out of pvc… Any directions floating around


I should have used google

doesn’t look too hard.


Here are some photos of
homemade carts. http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339708CVOdDJ

…has some threads on kayak carts. Try doing a search there. Here’s a couple of threads.



Search the archives,…
You should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for there. I made the one from west coast paddler from spare parts laying around, spoke wheels from a lawn mower. Think I paid about $5 for fittings so if it walks while I’m out paddling no big deal.

Check out kayakfishingstuff.com under articles. I have been using a modified version of it for 5 years and love it. I deleted the kickstand, don’t need it. I also changed how it breaks down. Mine breaks down to wheels(2), frame, horizontal bars(2).

DIY kayak carts
I’ve made two kayak carts, one from a pair of training wheels and PVC pipe, and the other from an old golf bag cart (http://tedhamiter.blogspot.com/search/label/cart). If cost is too much of an issue, consider training wheels, a golf bag cart, a rundown baby carriage, or old seed spreader from the flea market or junk store as a starting point; for something more heavy-duty, check out the tires at Harbor Freight.

There’s a guy near where I live who takes his kayak a couple of blocks to the water with a cart made from an old trailer or from car parts (I don’t know which).

I need a cart…
and have been giving it some thought. I think I can get a first working model done this week. I plan on it being cheap, light, made without special tools, easy to break down & store, though weight bearing ability may not be as high as some want.

Basic idea is to use a larger diameter,(4"-6") pvc pipe with glued on caps as the wheel. The caps are slippery enough to skid as needed to get around turns, with the pipe center it’ll offer lots more floatation over sand. The caps will be drilled to accept a 3/8" pipe as an axle, the caps will act as bearings.

Two pieces of plywood cut into pie shape will make the risers. The top edge,(crust of the pie), will have foam pipe insulation zip-tied through drilled holes in the ply to hold the foam secure, larger holes will allow the use of two straps for securing the boat to the cart. At the pie point I’ll drill the axle hole. I’m going to use a 1/8" thick by 10" or so wide strap of pvc conveyor belting drilled and bolted to the ply to hold them together and keep it from flopping over sideways. If I can be clever about the direction and location I attatch the belting to the ply I should be able to fold the two plyboards together with the belting for storage once the axle is pulled.

Will post more once it comes together.

All the best, t.george.

cart idea
I look forward to seeing your design. Post some photo links in this thread if you like