Kayak cart

Need a cart for portaging a 14 foot kayak on all terrain. Will mostly be along rivers (woods and rocky shores) but also go to deep sand beach several times each summer. Is there any cart that can do it all?

Paddle Logic
I, too have been looking for a “universal” cart. I have checked out several in local shops and done my homework. Although I have no experience with one it seems that the Trailtreker by Paddle Logic is a good bet. Not cheap but in the end a good investment.


C tug
I think the trail trekker tires are too narrow for soft sand. If you want to go on sand carts with balloon tires are best. I feel like my c tug is a good compromise.

Paddle Logic
I use one & like it alot, great for rocks, logs, etc

Do you need to stow the cart in your hatch compartment, or will you lock it up at the launch place? It makes a difference, because if you need to pack it it must be smaller or possible to quickly break down for packing.

The Sea To Summit cart works well and is of higher quality than other carts that look alike. C-Tug is excellent but bulkier and heavier than necessary unless you will carry a 300 lb payload.

a universal cart is like a…
a universal kayak.

You look at what you are going to do and dothe best you can.

A few bits of advice though.

Wide inflatable tires are great for sand and such but try to buy a replacement inner tube! The dealer who sold you the cart does not carry them. The manufacturer who made the cart does not carry them!

Any cart that breaks down and stores away is not as strong as one that is solid one-piece.

Sometimes two straps are good to hold the boat to the cart.

I loved my S2S cart until I got a flat! no way to get a replacement tube form S2S!!!

So one multi-day trip, I made a cart from 2x4 lumber and a couple baby-buggy wheels and strapped the thing to my stern deck. It looked strange and blocked my hatch but when we reached any take-out, I was ready!

The multi-tool analogy works here.

“ANY tool that does two or more jobs will do none of them well!”