kayak cart

I have been looking at the feel free camel kayak trolley. It looks like what I need but reviews are saying the wheels come off while being used. Does anyone have any experience with this cart ?

I’m not familiar with the camel trolley, but I have one I purchased from LLBean. It works great! Very easy to use, it won’t collapse or tip over while loading. No problem going thru dirt trails and sand. Good price too.

Which one?
LL Bean has several, this one looks best:


It’s a lot less $$ than the Camel into the bargain.

That’s the one.
The link you showed is the cart I bought. I love mine. LLBean runs alot of specials where you can get $10 off a order of $50 or more. So sign up for their emails or Google it for coupons. I got mine for $59 with free shipping.

after contacting NRS about this cart they tested it & pulled it from their catalog. Guess the wheels did come off. Wound up buying C-TUG really like it.

I like it, thanks!
Fits in an 8" hatch - sold!