Kayak Cart

I am considering buying a kayak cart this spring. I looked on ebay and see a few of this brand.

Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport Cart Wheel New

They are generally under $40 but I am not sure of the quality or if there are different models by the same manufacturer.

Any opinions and input are appreciated.



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Funny you use the word brand, as that is a generic, unbranded cart. Probably work fine.

This style is available all over the place. For a generic, but branded, one, check out comapnies like Seattle Sports. The top of the line is Wheeleez, with little niceties like anodizing after the holes are drilled (those that don't are more likely to corrode at the holes at some point).

That said, I have moved away from pneumatic tires, as the ones I had lost air over time and I never had a pump around to pump it up. Tire sidewalls finally gave out due to too low pressure. I put Wheeleez Tuff ties on my generic cart.

Expect the straps that attach it to your boat to not be great (most of the ones I have seen are pretty crappy), but that is easily fixed by using the same sort of straps you'd attach a boat to the car with.

PVC kayak cart

I found the place with the plans. bing.com/images

My son made his and told me how. Used 1" PVC pipe. Make notice of where the joints are NOT glued. Easy to take apart for storage. Works great and is inexpensive. I painted mine the same color as my boat. Blue plastic paint. Good luck.

I have a Suspenz DLX Airless Cart coming in this week. I’ll post my thoughts once I have it assembled and give it a try. It looks really nice, and the people at Suspenz are very helpful.


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This one is easy to build.


Kayak carts
I own three carts - two I bought and one I made. The one I made works better than any of the commercial ones, but it is heavy. Here is my advice. If you are going to use it on pavement a cheap cart will work fine. If you are going to use it in sand, rocks, etc. then you need big quality wheels. By big I mean both tall and wide. I went to Ace Hardware and bought two large construction wheelbarrow wheels, and they work better than any other wheel I have tried. I think I would make the plastic cart shown in the link of the previous poster, but I would use the construction wheelbarrow wheels.

tried lots of carts
And the best purchased cart is the CTug with the wide plastic wheels. My cart I use the most is a modified box 2 wheel dolly I got from Harbor Freight, cut off the plate and put foam on the frame. It works for the boats that I have.

Great How to Build
a cart. Very well done!