kayak cart

Here’s a question for you. Is the distance between scupper holes on different brands of kayaks the same? In other words, would the distance between scupper holes on a Hobie be the same as the distance on a Wilderness Systems?

I’m interested in a kayak cart. It’s a Hobie brand. It’s the kind that has two posts that go up into the scupper holes. This looks to me to be a great type of cart for moving a kayak. But if the distance is not the same it obviously won’t work. Seller said he’d have to measure the distance and hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I won’t pursue the issue with him if there’s no chance the cart will work with my kayak.


measuring that distance
Don’t be surprised if the guy does’nt even know how to read a measuring tape. Many people don’t. Good luck with that venture. If I were you, I’d make one one using PVC pipe. I’ve built two for sit on tops. One for a Dagger Torrent,the other for an LL Coupe.

kayak cart
Thanks. Yeah, I’m moving that direction. I built 99% complete today a pair of kayak stands from PVC with directions I found on the internet. Maybe the cart will be next. I’m thinking it won’t be that difficult.

Thanks for the reply. The guy also hasn’t gotten back with me, so he’s apparently not very motivated to sell. :0)

it;s gone already