kayak carts

Do you use one? What type or style is best? This would be for transporting a sea kayak, likely carrying some gear. And I’d want one that would fit in the hatches.

Plastic wheels, pneumatic tires, larger tires vs. smaller? What’s your opinion; good or bad?

I use this cart whenever I have to solo carry my kayak. Load my gear in the hatches and off I go. It breaks down and will fit inside the hull if your hatches are large enough. It’s a tough cart and handles rugged terrain well. Highly recommended!

I use a Paddleboy kayak cart for my QCC500. Load all my gear at the car and just wheel the boat down the ramp or embankment and into the water stern first. When the boat floats, off comes the cart and it parallelograms into a compact shape that will fit into the stern hatch.

Wheel type depends upon your surfaces. My Paddleboy has plastic wheels that work well on pavement or grass, but sink into sand. I would hate to drag my setup over 100 yards of beach! For that, get a cart (PB, Rolleze or whatever) with higher flotation wheels.


I made one out of a skateboard
I bought a real cheap skateboard at Wally world and a couple of lawnmower wheels, a 3 ft. half inch axel, a couple of brackets and 4 eyelets. I had a big piece of hard foam from work, but you could use anything. I took the wheels off the skateboard and put 2 half inch brackets on the bottom so the axel could run lengthwise on the board. Added the lawnmower wheels (you could go larger, like small bike wheels) and glued the foam on top of the board. Screwed the eyelets into the bottom of the board in four corner style and used Mondo-bond to glue the foam on top. Cut a V into the foam, add bungees and you’re ready to go for under $20. Majority of the cost was the $15 can of glue!

Paddleboy Heavy Lifter
Here’s the link to the cart I bought!


While pricey, it works great on flat surfaces or deep sand. I just got back from a week at the beach and used it at least twice a day pulling my kayak to and from the beach. My wife would leave whatever beach gear she and the kids couldn’t carry back to house and I would load it into my kayak when I came back. Items like foldup chairs, umbrellas, small cooler, beach toys, bogie boards, etc would get stuffed into the yak or on the deck and get pulled back to the house.

It can be dissassembled for transport in the kayak, although you need to check your hatch sizes to make sure the tires would fit.

This cart has been one of my better gear purchases!


For deep sand…
Who makes the ones with the big round yellow wheels? I’ve found those excellant for deep sand.

Just looked it up. They are the “orange” wheeled Roleez kayak carts. Those big wide tires work great if you have to tow a kayak for any distance through the sand.

big tires though
got to find a plas to stow that thing.

That’s definately true, bigger tires do take up more space. I don’t think that the footprint of the thing should be a HUGE difference though. If storage was that much a problem, why not deflate the tires and make all things equal during storage? As far as fitting in the car, the tires would only be a few inches bigger than other models. If those few inches break the deal, so be it. But if not, those few inches can make a world of difference floating over the sand, IMHO. You just have to figure out whether the pain in the ass of the cart taking up more space is worth the easier ride through the sand. That is, if you have to deal with sand at all.

Paddleboys are worthless!

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I attached my Paddleboy to my QCC500 and ran a piece of webbing through the bow "U" shackle and ran it up to my rear rack.

Plastic wheels ARE not meant for trailering!

About 55 mph there arose a screeching from the wheels, and at 70 mph there was a loud noise followed by the sound of aluminum on asphalt.

Naturally, I pulled over. The wheels were gone, and the aluminum tubes were worn so far down that another mile would have resulted in damage to the boat!

I'm going to call Paddleboy and ask for my money back. They are lucky that my boat was not damaged.


PS: I'll bet the Tomato wheels would last longer.

However, having customer service experience working for a major outdoor equipment retailer I have returned products with a smile when faced with stories not so far from that.

Good one!

A Suggestion
I found that some of the carts I really wanted to get wouldn’t fit inside on my boat. You may want to try stowing the one you want before buying it.


cabelas cheapie
got a cabelas cheapie made by instep.net i have to say it was the cheapest i could find (pneumatic tires…)

and it worked great!! i would recommend it



see my arthur kill (staten island ny) pics here:


Storing Cart in Hatch
How often do you store your kayak cart in your hatch? Is that really an important feature?