Kayak carts

I’m a beginner at kayaking. I have about 400yds to transport my kayak from my house to the put-in point (through neighborhood streets). My kayak weighs 64 lbs. I have two questions; 1) Which is the best cart for transporting this distance, and 2)are there any carts that would allow me to transport 2 kayaks at the same time (112 lbs. combined)?


Make sure it mounts in the center
Do not get a stern wheel unit. We have sucessfully stacked 2 kayaks on to one of these units when someone forgot to bring their wheels. You strap on the first boat, then used paddle floats and pfds for padding and strapped the top boat onto the lower one. With a person on each end, they were able to go about a half mile to the launch over cement, gravel dirt and a little sand. The tires were a bit low. Look at the manufacturers weight. Some can be used for quite heavy canoes and doubles. I think 100lbs is about normal for these, but some may be more robust.

don’t know
which is the BEST kart.

All the ones I used I made myself and found the PVC ones to last… from the yard to the car.

The ones I made from scrap lumber lasted longest IF I add proper bracing. (hey, it kills an evening repairing and making them)

My only suggestions are:

  1. treat the kart like a trailer. 60% of the weight before the wheels. That means put the kart at the back of the cockpit, NOT at the stren of the boat. a balanced boat is pulled, a boat with wheels at the stern is carried.

  2. watch the gear you take.

    I overpack! But I also balance the boat on the kart. Harry has a Loon 14 with more gear than I own and he (with crushed leg) has a stern kart so must waste all his strength picking the thing up before he can pull it.

Make your own?
Try these designs out: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339708CVOdDJ

I have a kayak cart (with a “kickstand”) that I use a lot, works great, and got from Outdoorplay. The boat gets centered over the cart. I have found that it’s easier to PUSH the boat, instead of pulling it (unless I’m going uphill). Can then see where I’m going with it and steer it better.