Kayak carts?

Hello Everyone!

What kayak cart do you recommend for getting your boat to the water?


On what type of boat, over what type of terrain, how far, and whether you will be packing the cart in the boat or returning it to the car.

maybe between 100 - 200 yards. Probably over grass stones and trails. The kayak is a QCC 700…

The best ones…
The best are center mounted under the cockpit.

Other nice features are:

inflatable tires vs hard rubber tires

Wide tires vs skinny ones

Some sort of kickstand

Quickly removable wheels

Push button releases for the frame.

I have a Seattle Sports one that has all these features and like it, except if I am camping for a week, then there is litte room for it in the hatches.

I also have a little stern wheeler that has none of the above features, but it stows behind the seat.

I like the end carts

Although center mount carts are an easier transport, you are not carrying far and are carrying a light boat over firm ground. Tying down the center cart is a drag for me - I got sick of it. The end cart slips on and you are going right away. It is also small enough to stow in my boat if needed. I don’t mind the extra oomph needed to pull the end cart.

I no longer use my center carts for this reason. In fact, let me know if you want a used Eckla.

Kayak Cart
You might want to take a look at this one:


I have been looking for a cart. I ordered the “Molly” just now. It is what I have been looking for. Looks simple and small. Just purchased a Tsunami 135 and will doing most if not all of my paddling solo. Also have purchased a “Boatloader” from Yakima to assist in getting it in the rack alone.

Carry it
100-200 YARDS! Over grass and stones? If you are able bodied there’s no excuse for a cart. A half mile walk to a put-in with gear maybe. Did you buy more boat than you can handle?

Paddle Boy
have to go with what was said above - just slide the Paddle Boy under the stern of your kayak between the stern tip and cockpit, hook it to a fixed point on the deck, and off you roll.

It’s easy to fix and break down, and it floats. PaddleBoy recently was acquired by SeattleSports so I hope they are able to maintain their quality and friendly customer service.

It’s very good uphill on turf or clay, and down to river shorelines. I’ve even pulled my 16 foot 44 lb seakayak almost vertically up a clay cliff at Indian Lake. Performs OK on moderately packed sand but for soft sand you’ll need a cart with big balloon tires.

check out the PBoy website. I use the Peanut as my kayak has a 20" beam and is of course more slender towards the stern. Your QCC would probably best fit their Original.

dragging it
I have done my fair share of dragging boats full of gear. Never minded it with my Old Town canoe but I suppose I would rather not muck up my kayak by dragging it over rocks, etc. Especially full of gear when I do overnighters. It is for the boat’s sake, not mine. I carry more weight on my back when packing into the backcountry. I don’t mind the weight. I am not a sissy, even though I am a girl :wink:

I’ve got a Paddleboy too…
Quick to install, folds up and you can stick in a hatch. But it floats too, so you always tow behind you. :wink:


I am looking at a NRS C-Tug Boat
Anyone own one of these?


Bump… Anyone?

I have a Paddleboy cart
It’s ok. Folds for storage and easy to use. But, having carted a heavy plastic kayak something like half a mile (only once), I would prefer one that supports the kayak under the middle, IF it could be done without denting the hull. That’s a much more flexible part of the kayak than the stern or bow, so denting would be more likely.

The hard rubber wheels bog in gravel or sand. Though injuries may force me to resume using the cart, ever since I bought the Tempest 165 three years ago, I’ve been shoulder-carrying instead of carting. It’s faster, even simpler, and goose poop on the ground is a minor nuisance rather than a nasty mess to take home on the wheels. Besides, it’s good “core” training to shoulder something that weighs more than half what I do. :wink: