Kayak Carts

I’m new to the sport and will need to transport (without a vehicle) a kayak about 200 yards to the ocean over mostly pavement and then the beach. There are many carts on the market, so I’m looking for personal experience with them. I’ll be transporting a Prijon Kodiak or a SOT, probably 14 feet long. Thanks in advance for any help.

One of these

works fine for me for short distances and a 14’ kayak.

Works great on my 18 footer and is a big help with loading and unloading from my rack.

Paddleboy Molly
has been just great for years, most places I go. But lately I’ve been launching a lot from Wekiwa Spring State Park, and the launch area is down a long hill, unpaved, and mostly soft sand. There is a boardwalk, but it has U-turns that are hard to negotiate with an end-cart. So I recently ordered the Paddleboy Nemo, which is a center cart, with pneumatic tires, which should do better on soft sand or turns.

The Molly is small, light, and sturdy----should be all you need for most situations.

I 2nd the paddleboy
I have this center mounted cart:


I started with an end mount but it is tough to haul when loaded for camping. The plus side is that they are much smaller and will store behind the seat when disassembled.

If I could only have one, it would be a center mounted unit. Mine will still diassembled, it still will fit in either front or back hatch, but I lose alot of storage due to the wheel size.

I like this model


I’ve had no experience with the Molly, but did have one that was secured with just a strap, and it didn’t stay on too well on rocky bumpy terrain. The Paddleboy Original grabs tight, and folds to fit in my hatch with no problem. If you go with the SOT, get the one designed for the SOT.

Glad to hear you like the
Nemo. Can’t wait to try mine.

By the way, Campmor has the Nemo on sale. $96.94 including shipping.

carts for sand

NRS just started selling this cart:


“no moving parts to corrode, rust, or gum up from sand.”

I hope it has moving parts
If it doesn’t how would it help you move your boat?

Bean cart
I saw a guy using one of these carts to move his plastic sea kayak - looks pretty nice, although I haven’t used one.


I have the one before the Nemo
The secret to a happy relationship with your paddle cart, IMHO, is to make sure the cart is at the balance point of the boat, and is cinched down hard. I use a long enough cam strap that can engage all 4 points of the cart frame and have the strap run both fore and aft of the cockpit, then cinch it down tight. I first tried using just one wrap and 2 out of 3 times as soon as I hit a rock or root the cart would come loose. For a combination of sand, gravel, pavement, mud and boardwalks I think the Paddleboy Nemo is the cat’s butt. Recently I’ve used mine (the Nemo predecessor) for 1.5 miles of gravel road, 50 yards of wet beach sand and 200 yards of loose beach sand, 300 yards of mud and hardpack and 200 yards of boardwalk. The cart was perfect and it breaks down small enough to fit fore or aft hatches on my kayak.

I think the paddlecarts that only fit over one end of the boat leave you carrying half the weight while you are pulling all of it. Some of them won’t fit over a sit on top kayak, and some of them won’t fit on a canoe.

I agree with posters above, IMHO the Nemo is the ticket to paddle cart bliss.

I forgot to mention paddlecart.com

Heavy duty aluminum frame, takes apart and fits anywhere in your kayak and you can buy it with street tires, duallys or sand tires. Very well crafted and well priced IMHO.

I use this…

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to go through mega sand and in parking lots. Works for me. I use bunjees. Sometime I load the boat with quite a bit of gear and pull/push it cuz of all that damn sand. Haven't had a problem yet.

I have owned both
the original YEDO and a ROLLEEZE cart. In soft sand, there is NO comparison. The yedo’s wheels would sink into the sand and make it incredibly hard to DRAG the boat through the sand. The Rolleeze, however, is BUILT for the sand with its wide low pressure soft wheels. It literally floats on the TOP of the soft sand rather than sinking down into the sand.

Just take a look at the wheel chairs that are designed for the handicapped to use at the beach. They use the BIG rolleeze wheels. Coincidence? Hmmm, don’t think so!

I’ve used three different carts
and highly recommend using one.

Whatever you get, for peace of mind,

make sure it fits in the boat. You

don’t want to have to lock it up or

hide it on land.

scupper kart
Like sissy103, I launch at Wekiwa Springs State Park and I just bought a scupper cart


and its a little flimsy, but works very well up the steep trail.

Nemo is here,
and I love it. Snaps together easily, secures with one strap (not included, but I have lots of extras), bops up and down curbs straight on and at an angle with no problem. I need to try it in the sand but…I don’t want to get it dirty yet…

I made 1 from scrap pvc, pipe insullation and lawn mower wheels. works great and fully and quickly come apart for in hatch storage…best 5 bucks i ever spent.

You could probably
start a little business with that, and the other thingy that you use to roll the kayak up onto your SUV—you made that, too, didn’t you?