Kayak carts

Can anybody recommend a decent kayak cart for a Tsunami 145?

I’ll use it to go no more than 50 yards at a time over grass, dirt, and asphalt. I won’t be using it around sandy beaches.

I’d also like one that would be quick to set up and go.

I’ve tried the search function with no luck and the reviews don’t really help much either.

Oh, price? Around $100 - $125 would be fine for a good cart that will last.

Any thoughts? And thanks.

This what I have and it has worked fine

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Works well on both of our kayaks.

another idea

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I stole the wheels off a "Power Wheels" kid's truck at the dump. A piece of threaded rod forms the axle between the two wheels, and that axle is covered by PVC conduit with T-fittings which go up to form PVC cradles about 18 inches apart.
(looks a lot like this - http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3668992 )

It cost me less than $10, and about 20 minutes of time.

Mine is just for use between my house and the water (the cart does great through the woods and across the schist and mud at low tide), so I didn't design it to fold or disassemble. However, that wouldn't be at all hard if that was a priority.

Not a project for everyone, I'm sure, but if you're a tinkerer, this one is definitely high on the reward-versus-PIA ratio.

Excellent cart - Dick’s Sporting Goods
The cart is great; I had to buy bungees to secure it, but the price is much lower than competitors. I got it even cheaper at a sale. Very rugged; folds up; pneumatic wheels come off with pins; they fit into our AT-14 hatches (barely). Was going to build one, but found this.

We have a variety of carts
We have the paddleboy original, also fat boy (end carts), Dicks Sporting goods for the middle of the boat, a homemade pvc one for sit on tops, and a homemade wooden one (like a paddleboy)which is nice but heavier than the aluminum paddleboys. Soon to buy a sand cart - with big balloon tires when i get a price break.

So when we use our kayaks, we tend to grab the fat boy (paddleboy-large) cart. It is so easy and rolls great but not necessary for short jaunts or cement, the original paddleboy (large) works almost as well - just not as nice rolling since the tires are hard. This is our pick of the bunch.

The C-Tug works fine for me and breaks down to stow in the kayak. It works well in deep sand.