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Any suggestions for kayak cart/roller system? Two wheeled variety for moving 16-17 ft. sea kayak over a variety of terrain including sand. was hoping for one with the “puncture proof” tires, wide enough to go thru sand easily. Be great if it also folded up and fit in a hatch. Know i will probably have to compromise on some of this but appreciate feedback! Thanks!

There’s lots of DYI PVC pipe versions. This one looks like it would be pretty solid:


I made this…

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...but with some minor modifications.* Works great. Worth the $30 in materials and hour of your time. It's absolutely ridiculous to sell these things for $200.

*(in reference to the link above me)


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...this thing collapses a little, but not enough to fit in a hatch (unless you modify how the wheels attach). I don't bother: I bought a bicycle cable lock (with combination, so no keys need get lost) and simply chain it to a tree or tall sign near the put-in. (This assumes you're coming back, of course.)

Kayak cart
I just finished building my own DIY model. I made mine from schedule 40 PVC pipe, a 2’ threaded bar from Lowe’s, and a couple of solid rubber wheels I had from an old fertilizer spreader. The wheels can be the most expensive parts, so a lot of people salvage what’s available. Golf cart wheels and the large back wheels from an old lawn mower would work well. I definitely recommend that you use large wheels so that you’ve got enough clearance to get over rocks, etc. Mine is also too large to carry on board, so I’ve thought about paining it camo and locking it up as well. Lots of ideas on you.tube. Good luck!

Built one too
I also built my own. I got the wheels at Harbor Freight. They take air so nice and springy.Only thing is they had a bad rubber smell to them. I eventually got most of the smell away after scrubbing and soamking them alot. Whole thing cost me about 35 bucks and that includes the wheel which were 10 bucks for two when Harbor freight had a sale on them. Mine works with pretty much any size kayak. Works on my wider tsunami 140 or my much longer 17’9" and narrower NDK kayak.

I dont have any pictures of mine though. Mine is differant design than one the above poster put a link too. I just did a google search and found a design I liked. PVC pipe I think I used 2 inch diameter size.

I have a Paddleboy Fat Boy

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Whether homemade or another version, a lot of people seem to want to borrow mine whenever we are launching because it is so easy to use.

They aren't as cheap as homemade, but can be found online quite reasonably.

Kayak cart
I made a couple, the last one with four wheels (doubled on each side).

Both worked well on concrete or grass, but if used on sand, they took lots of effort.

I then bought one of the low-pressure, fat tire ones (maybe 'EZ Roll"). This one works great. my 20’tandem, fully loaded, rolls easily over sand and stone.

I think they may make on that will fit in a hatch. Even if not, you’ll still have enough breath left for a trip back to the car to put it away.

Not particularly cheap, but well worth it.

THANKS FOR RESPONSES! T hink i am willing to buy one instead of building it. built my kayak so i feel ok about not building the cart ,too! any sources for the ready made carts that people recommend? price range? thanks to all!