Kayak Choice Dilemma

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Hi All,

I live in the UAE so kayak choice is limited. I wanted to get a Capella 166 but it looks like its going to be very difficult to get one here. The only model I can find is the Easky 15. Im just wondering if any of you with any experience of these Kayaks can tell me what I would be giving up by purchasing the Easky 15 over the Capella or even the Easky 17?

The Easky 15 is over $1500 USD to buy here so I dont want to piss it all away by buying a bad Kayak.


The Easky is a great boat
I’ve had the lower volume Easky 15LV for 3 years and it is one of my favorite kayaks (and I’ve owned 12 and borrowed or rented a number of others.) In fact of the 5 kayaks I own at the moment it is the one I use more often than all the others combined (including a $4,000 Feathercraft and a hand built skin on frame).

My boyfriend (who is also an experienced paddler who has owned and used a number of kayaks) borrowed it once and then decided he had to have one too – we bought the standard Easky 15 for him last Fall. We took both of them out last Sunday on a moderate white water run down the lower half of the Red Moshannon Creek in north central Pennsylvania. Even though these are touring kayaks, they can handle open rapids (like Class I and II) pretty well.

This is a super versatile boat. I’ve had it out in heavy waves and wind on Lake George and in Atlantic coastal surf. It tracks like a arrow but with the hard chines it turns and handles well. With it’s semi Greenland shape it plows right through waves and is fun to surf if you get it lined up right. The low stern deck is conducive to rolling. It has excellent secondary stability for a 23" wide boat. It’s lighter than comparable models from other makes. My BF’s 15 is 46 lbs and my 15 LV is 44 lbs. Nice features like the paddle park bungee, a molded in stainless steel bar for fastening a padlock cable and really well designed foot pegs, thigh hooks and a very comfortable seat with dual position back. Very well finished and attractive boat too.

I’ve heard similar raves from people who own Easkys or have borrowed them so I don’t think this is a peculiar obsession of mine. In my opinion, the model is more fun to paddle than the more popular WS Tsunamis and Necky Manitous. I think it is one of the best “bang for the buck” poly kayaks out there. Unless you are a really big guy or need extra cargo space, you probably don’t need the 17. Rich (my BF) is 5’ 10" and around 190 lbs and he is quite comfortable in the 15.

I’ve read a few reviews where people complained about the primary stability (saying it was “tippy” or “unstable”). I have never felt that way about it – it feels quite secure to me and I can heel it way over and it has never capsized (even last Sunday when I went over so far after hitting a submerged rock that the coaming edge was underwater).

I doubt you would be disappointed in this kayak. Truly a delightful boat.

Thank you!
Thanks WillowLeaf for this excellent post. I really appreciate it.

another review
For a guy’s perspective on the boat and some additional details and some photos, here’s a good review from a British paddler’s site that helped me make the decision to buy my Easky: