Kayak choice. Out of the game since 2014

Hey everyone. Just getting my life sorted after grad shool and looking at getting a new kayak. It’s going to be doing all purpose duty touring/fishing. And it will probably be seeing duty in both FL and Louisiana. Last Kayak was an Ocean Kayak malibu with a rotomolded seat, so I was looking for something a little more maneuverable this time around. Absolutely loved the hobie quest when I handled one some years back so I’m sad to hear that’s off the market now. Is there anything that moves comparably quick for paddle kayaks? I haven’t taken a pedal kayak off the table since I can see them making fishing easier, but I find them less fun personally for touring. The big two brands I looked at were Hobie and Jackson (Sad they got rid of their illuminati color) But I feel like a lot has changed in the market so I would welcome everyone’s input for an all purpose kayak. Have a large sized dog that I would love to take touring, but I doubt he’d enjoy anything water related.

Do you want hunting kayak. I usually use this kayak for hunting purposes and once i also able to hunt elk :deer: when i am on my kayak.

Not much of a hunter from a kayak, lack of opportunity mostly. Would not be opposed to that possibility in the future but it would be a secondary consideration.

I don’t know anything about the type of kayak you want, but if you like the Hobie Quest I’d look for a used one. Used kayaks are a much better deal anyway.

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