kayak choices

I’m looking for some advice on choosing between two kayaks.I’m new to the sport coming from a canoe in background.I’m 55 years old 6 foot 1 230 pounds and athletic.the first one is a14 necky looksha with rudder. the second one is a 17 necky elaho also with a rudder.

I’m in upstate NY so most paddling would be in small lakes and rivers with an occasional trip to Rhode Island fir some coastal cruising. probably all day trips, with no overnight camping. any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.thank you

The Elaho is a more suitable choice for your size.

You’re a pretty big guy
So how does the 14 footer fit you? I’d guess that it would be on the small side whereas the Elaho would more likely be the better match (but only your butt-o-meter will know for sure).

The longer boat would likely track better and allow you to carry more stuff for day tripping.

Hopefully you can get some seat time in both boats. That will probably be more useful than anything I might say.