Kayak classes for a double in Seattle

My wife and I have a double kayak (Seaward Gemini) and would like to take some classes to learn self rescue procedures.

All of the classes that I’ve been able to find in the Seattle area seem geared towards single kayaks. I know from reading John Dowd’s “Sea Kayaking” that recovering from a capsize can be handled differently in a double than a single. I’d also rather practice in our boat than in rental single kayaks.

Contact Wayne Horodowich
from the University of Seakayaking (www.useakayak.org). I’m sure he could put on a class for you.

Thanks, I dropped him an email. I’d be interested in any other suggestions that other members have.


check for adventure race classes
You could check for adventure race classes. Saw one put on down here (SF Bay Area),and the focus was doubles (that is what these folks usually use). Had some stuff that wouldn’t interest you, but also had lots of rescues.

You could always get a private lesson. Half day would probably run $200-300 (where they would probably hit you for almost $100 per person for a group class anyway).

Second Wayne Horodowich
He’s a great guy & excellent instructor. His video on Capsize Recoveries and Rescues is very good and has a few examples using doubles. It might be good to check it out and have the techniques in your head before doing them on water.

Nigel Foster video
Unless I’m crazy, I think Nigel Foster briefly discussed rescues with doubles in his video series. You might not need a full class if you already know the basics in a single and supplement that with instruction from the video.

previous experience
We don’t know the basics from a single. We know paddling basics, but have not done any recovery training in a single or a double.

It is that if I am learning self rescue I would prefer to learn it in a double (preferably in our boat) so that we practice the techniques that we’ll ultimately use.

A video plus self practice doesn’t seem like it would be as good of a way to learn as working with an instructor.