Kayak clothing

I live on long island NY and want to get into fishing on the sound. I just bought my first field and stream eagle run talon kayak and was wondering about clothing.

The water is around 60+ degrees and rising. Cool at first but you get used to it. There are children swimming at the beaches I will launch from. The air temp usually between 70-80 degrees.

Should I bother buying the quick drying clothing advertised for yakers or a wetsuit? Or should I just layer up for warmth and bring a change of clothes for if I tumble in or get splashed a lot?

Thanks in advance!

It’s just warm enough now to go without
a wetsuit. Wet, damp and cold clothes can ruin any kayak outing so I have quick dry gear. It really works and makes a big difference. I always carry a two dry bag with a change of clothes. One I keep in the trunk of the car and the other I keep in the boat. I include extra keys, a whistle, foot gear, a hat, sunglasses, reading glasses, pants and a shirt. Oh, and $20.00

What do you mean by layer up?

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In what materials? For example cotton is a fast trip to hypothermia once wet. Wool tends to retain some heat keeping qualities but gets soggy and weighs a lot.

The best clothing to wear for being on the water is clothing intended for that use.

wet suit
from Campmor with socks. A neo helmet is comfortable.


Wear the neo under polyester.

Swimmers can walk out.


Various articles
on paddling clothing can be found here:


Good chart

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Thanks for posting it.